Privacy Policy

This book is built without ads or third-party trackers, but it does employ several cookies to improve your reading experience. Because your privacy is important to us, we name the cookies with plain, descriptive language to make them easier to understand.

First, if you adjust the font size, a cookie called font is set to remember your selection. Without this cookie, you’d have to re-adjust the font size with every page view, and you would no doubt find this annoying.

Second and similarly, if you adjust the scroll, percentage, or dark mode settings, cookies named scroll, percentage, and mode respectively are set to remember your selection.

Third, a cookie named page is set to remember the page you’re on whenever you leave the site or close the app. Without this cookie, you’d have to re-locate your place every time you resumed reading, and this too you’d find annoying.

Finally, cookies named user and modal are set to determine whether we should message you about switching to book mode. (Which, if you haven’t tried yet, you definitely should.)

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